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It’s not that I’ve run out of things I learned at the EZ Way Inn–I won’t ever run out of those lessons–but I have some current news to share!

March 8-10, I’ll be teaching a writing workshop, Finding The Hidden Story,  in Milwaukee at the Lynden Sculpture Garden.  The weekend will begin on Friday afternoon as I lead a Jane Wheel type junking tour around the city–and as we browse and chat, we’ll discuss objects and memory and memoir and fiction–all stemming from visual prompts.  And we might also find some good stuff!  Friday evening, I’ll read from my work and discuss both memoir and fiction at the Woodland Pattern Book Center.  That reading is open to everyone, not just those participating in the workshop.  Saturday, workshop participants will discuss writing prompts, voice and style–and finding that hidden story–and I’ll have some time for one-on-one consultations with each writer.  Sunday morning will be more writerly work and then, after lunch, participants will have an opportunity to read and share some of their work with friends and family.  I think it will be a wonderful, creative and stimulating weekend.  Please spread the word to everyone you think might be interested.  This workshop, like the ones I teach regularly, is open to all writers–even if you’re a writer who is just beginning to sharpen your pencil!  Here’s a link for more information.  And if you check it out?  I am not sure from where on the internet that photo was pulled, but I don’t look like that.  I am a much more serious person.  Seriously.

Weekend Workshop Info

Next big thing?  Start planning a trip to Kankakee for the weekend of May 18!  On that auspicious Saturday, I will be behind the megaphone on a trolley, driving around scenic Kankakee to present the first ( and probably one and only) Jane Wheel Trolley Tour of Kankakee featuring sights and locations from all of the Jane Wheel Mysteries!  This tour is being sponsored by the Kankakee Public Library and will leave Saturday morning from the library parking lot–right across the street from the Saturday Farmer’s Market and, I’ve heard, on that Saturday, there just might be a Jane Wheel Rummage Sale/Flea Market set up alongside!  The three hour tour will include stops at the site of the tavern formerly known as the  E Z Way Inn, the Kankakee History Museum, the Root Beer Stand (Dead Guy’s Stuff) for lunch and Blue’s Cafe (known as Pink’s in the books) for a piece of pie !  I’ll even show you the exact spot I had in mind where one of the victims in Backstage Stuff was offed!  I’ve heard there will be a flower show in the Civic Auditorium on that Saturday, so we’ll be able to take a peek at the stage where the fictional “Murder In The Eekaknak Valley” was presented in Backstage Stuff!  If you decide to make a weekend of it in Kankakee, the annual Rhubarb Festival is scheduled for Sunday, May 19!  There will be a limited number of seats on the trolley, so I’ll keep you posted on how to get a reservation/ticket.  If you go to the Jane Wheel page on facebook, I’ll be posting updates there, too.

Stay tuned!  Just when you thought Spring only brought flowers and garage sales, here comes Jane Wheel!

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2 Responses to News and Events!

  1. Willy says:

    Just wanted to give you a heads up that the link to the Woodland Pattern site isn’t working (I think a colon is missing in the link code).

    All of us at Lynden are very excited for the workshop!


    • Sharon says:

      Thanks, Willy. I just tried to fix this link, copying it exactly from the site, but can’t seem to make it work. I’ll consult with my webmaster and keep trying. In the meantime, readers, the Lynden link to their website is under Willy’s name and I believe you can navigate to the writing workshop info from there.

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