Trolley Tour Recap

A surprise from my daughter Nora this morning!

Now you can take the tour in just a few minutes!  I’ll fill in the details soon–but in the meantime, enjoy!

Sorry that it doesn’t come with pie from Blues, but you get the idea!

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3 Responses to Trolley Tour Recap

  1. Pat Forquer says:

    So loved the tour – now I am starting to re-read all your Jane Wheel books. Thank you for the good time. Pat

  2. Joanne says:

    Wish the video was longer!!!

  3. Bill Brouillet says:

    Thank you Sharon for the Trolley Tour. My wife, Caron and uncle, Ted Wheeler, truly enjoyed it. Caron took a few pictures and I would be happy to upload them if I can figure out if it can be done. I enjoyed the video and can’t wait to show it to Caron & Ted.

    I am also the person who put together the “What I Learned At The EZ Way Inn” binders for Ted & Caron. I filled 2 more requests for the binders. If you would like, I can also upload the document (in Word or PDF format) for your fans to print out their own copies.

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