How Jane Wheel and I Spent our Summer Vacation

Anyone who has spent any time reading and/or visiting the website knows that my spring post ended on a high note!  The Kankakee trolley tour was so much fun and I was happy to share some photos, my daughter’s “trailer” video, and my gratitude for all who planned, worked, and scurried around to make it all work so well.  And thanks, of course, to those who attended.

Then, Jane Wheel went underground and I followed.  Or vice versa.  I would love to tell you that I was at a cabin far out of internet range, cranking out books and living close to nature, but that would be a lie.  The truth is, we got a new dog, I started writing a new book (not a Jane Wheel this time around) and I busied myself with family and friends.  I also worked at more estate sales than I usually do–cataloging great libraries and prepping houses for downsizers.  Normally, I work a few summer sales for “research” and that’s it, but this season there were lots of books and lots of treasures to discover, prep and price.  Also taught two nights a week.  So yes, I was busy, but that’s not an excuse.  Who isn’t busy?

The closest I can come to an explanation for my absence here is that summer just isn’t my enthusiastic season.  Oh, I love the respite from snow and cold, but it’s just not the productive time for me that it is for so many others.  You know how some people get depressed when there’s not enough sunlight?  I think I’m a minority sufferer of some malady about too much sun.  All of those beautiful days?  So much pressure to be out there enjoying them, doing something sporty!  Not my season at all.  But September?  With cool mornings and acorns crunching underfoot?  That’s when my energy returns.

So here’s hoping I can stay on a schedule that includes staying in touch here on the website.  I’ll be teaching three workshops a week starting next week, finishing the YA book I started this summer, hosting family for the upcoming holidays, and continuing to work and play with our maybe-scottie-maybe-cairn-terrier mix, Fergus.  Next weekend is a favorite rummage weekend for me–the four corners sale in Highland Park.  Three churches across from each other.  Park once, shop thrice? So I feel like I’m coming back to life–sweater season brings out the best in me.  How about you?

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4 Responses to How Jane Wheel and I Spent our Summer Vacation

  1. Pat Gould says:

    I am so in agreement with you, Sharon, regarding the summer season. I guess it is the Irish and Danish genetic material in my blood…. By August, I am doing a lot of whining and spend a lot of time sitting in the house with the AC on “stun”. But autumn…oh, autumn!!! Cool nights, long shadows, and sunshine that won’t fry your brain pain…I LOVE IT!!! I wish so much I could have joined your trolley tour, but time and scheduling did not allow that luxury. I now live in Bolingbrook, but spent most of my life in Kankakee and still miss many things about the area. I am avidly looking forward to Jane Wheel’s next adventure!

  2. Joanne says:

    Wish you were writing a new Jane Wheel!

  3. Sandra Hubbard says:

    I too hate the summer. My favorite time is when it starts to get brisk! Love a little chill.

    Please keep Jane near—when do we look for the next one?

  4. Carla White says:

    More than love the fall! Right now I’m rereading ‘Scary Stuff’ like I do every October. It’s the best read for the season! Mostly do Park Ridge estate sales and it’s Friday so you know where I’ll be.

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