2013 into 2014–Here We Go!

I wanted to title this post Merry Christmas, but I am a sporadic poster these days, so that would mean, if I don’t get anything up here again by the end of January, that title would tell you right away what a laggard I’ve been!

At least with the new year type headline, I figure I’m good until early spring–not that I intend to be a stranger here.

So here’s my end of the year wrap-up.  I’ve finished a book.  Not Jane Wheel. And until I know the book’s fate, I can’t say a word about it.  My own superstitions.  I’ve also begun work on an EZ Way Inn project that’s not exactly Jane Wheel–but readers will see the connections!  And…I’m working on another novel that looks at the “picking” life from another angle altogether.  My other creative pursuits?  Well, there’s this.

I made, well...stacked this!

I made, well…stacked this!

My projections for 2014?  More of the same–writing, writing, writing and reading, reading, reading.  Teaching three workshops a week continues to delight and inspire me–I learn something new every class.  Our dog, Fergus, continues to amaze and amuse us.  I can only hope that he is as pleased with us as we are with him.

My wishes for you, friends, readers, countrymen and women?  To always have an anticipated book to read on your night stand, a pending garage sale to attend that promises “vintage and MORE” and a winter that lasts only as long as you can stand it and not a minute more.

Thanks for reading about Jane Wheel and friends.  She’ll be back soon, I hope, but for now, she’s decorating the old button factory in Kankakee with a million twinkling lights and serving eggnog from a vintage Heisy punch bowl.  Tim has hung swags of evergreen over all the doors and Nellie and Don will be co-hosting a Christmas Eve party for all of the EZ Way Inn customers who have nowhere else to be.  Not a bad way to say goodby to 2013 and welcome the new year!

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4 Responses to 2013 into 2014–Here We Go!

  1. Linda Gartz says:

    Love the booked tree and the “whipped together” flan. Decluttering is a constant process what with entropy ruling the universe. Merry Christmas!

  2. Kerry says:

    Merry Christmas to you and yours Sharon, and to Jane and her cohorts as well.

    Thank you for bringing such delight to my world with each new book!

  3. Joanne says:

    Wishing I was in Kankakee with all those delightful characters!

  4. Lee says:

    Sharon, I’m so sorry about your mom. She SO reminds me of mine, who “disappeared” my paper doll collection (yes, they would have been “collectibles” if I hadn’t loved them so much). We’re talking about the 1950s… Stashed under my bed in a coat box, she burned them (when you could do that in Kansas) and trashed a “Tammy and the Bachelor” poster I’d begged off the local theatre. All my school pictures and annuals went to the trash can as well… Sadly, she has Alzheimer’s so I can’t ask “why?”

    Anyway, your books (many tears about Charlie disappearing into South America) and Jane’s “stuff” being DUI’d) have given me much joy. PLEASE don’t let Jane go. Your heroine needs a hero.

    Thank you for much enjoyment from a reader,


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