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Although most of us officially celebrate the new year in January, I prefer turning over my new leaves when mother nature does.  Autumn has always been my favorite time of year — new pencils, new crayons, new knee socks.  And this fall, a new website!

Thanks to Susan Phillips, it’s clean and beautiful and functional.  All of the information on the Jane Wheel mysteries is here along with personal essays, interviews and first chapters of all the Stuff books.  There are also links to other pieces of my writing. My series of personal essays, “What I Learned at the E Z Way Inn,” is easily accessed here and if you haven’t read these true stories yet, I’d love to hear what you think.  I also published a personal essay in the NYT in September and the link is here if you missed it.

There’s no longer a calendar page because I post current information on the Jane Wheel Facebook page.  Click here, or the button on your right.  Even if you’re not an active Facebook user, you can access this public page and see what Jane Wheel and I are up to.  When you reach the page, click on “like” and you won’t miss a thing!

Some upcoming events you might want to check out:

I’m hosting a Mystery Weekend at the Heartland Spa in Gilman, Illinois, October 24-26.

Come and visit me at Bouchercon in Long Beach, CA, November 14-17.  I’ll be on two panels and, along with several other wonderful authors, happily signing Murder On The Beach, an anthology of mystery stories, in which I have a short non-Jane Wheel story.

I’ve had some fun meeting with book groups the past few months and I’m actually skyping with a library group soon, so if you want me to meet with your reading group, contact me and we’ll try to set something up — one way or another.

In the meantime, enjoy this most exquisite season — and for those of you who have commented here and asked about the next Jane Wheel book?  She has had such a marvelous time fixing up the old button factory in Kankakee, she hasn’t had time to find a dead body.  But you know Jane … it’s only a matter of time.



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