Welcome to the quiz that will inform you which character from the Jane Wheel mysteries you most closely resemble!  Just like the quizzes that tell you which city you should live in, which movie star you resemble and which Downton Abbey character you are, the Jane Wheel quiz promises you equally valuable information!  Answer key will be posted next week.  Oh–and if you have time to take this quiz, I hope you’ll also go to facebook, search for Jane Wheel and go to the Jane Wheel facebook page and click “like.”  Any readings, signings, up-to-date information is posted there regularly.  Thanks–hope you click soon!



1.At Blue’s Café (or Pink’s), you order:

a. Pie  b. Salad  c. Tea  d. Black coffee

2. Your favorite decorating style is:

a. Arts and Crafts  b. Mid-century Modern

c. Contemporary  d. What the hell is a decorating style?

3. Your favorite reading is:

a. A P.D. James mystery  b. Any celebrity bio

c. Modern poetry d. Kankakee Daily Journal—Obituaries

4. At a large rummage sale, you head first to:

a. Housewares/kitchen b. Furniture c. Books

d. Why would I touch something if I don’t know where it’s been?

5. Go-to accessory?

a.Frye boots b.Kalo silver cufflinks

c.vintage necktie  d.hairnet

6. At Cobb Park, you are most likely to:

a.collect buckeyes  b. re-imagine the landscaping

c. enjoy the view of the river

d. Offer unasked for advice to the tennis players

7. Where do you search if you’ve misplaced your car keys?

a. inside the vintage “flip-top” sugar bowl

b. on the Chase chrome butler’s tray

c. you never misplace your car keys

d. Why would I need car keys?

8.Your drink of choice at the E Z Way Inn:

a.Grey Goose b. Craft beer  c. Saki

d. what the hell is Grey Goose, craft beer, and Socky?

9. At the Root Beer Stand, you order:

a. sauce bun

b. sauce bun to go (I don’t eat in my car)

c. sauce bun (can you make it vegetarian?)

d. sauce bun (extra napkins)

10. Which quote most closely resembles your philosophy?

a.“Three things cannot remain long hidden—the sun, the moon, and the truth.” Buddha

b. “Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the gods made for fun”  Buddha

c. “There has to be evil so that good can prove its purity above it”  Buddha

d. “Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see”  Me–who is Buddha?

 Answer Key to come!






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  1. judy says:

    where/how do I file my answers to the quiz…I already know who I am, though, because there is a JQI character in Killer Stuff.

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