Which Jane Wheel Character Are You?

For those of you who took the Jane Wheel quiz last week–and for those of you who are readers of the books, , I’m guessing you pretty much know the answer to which character you most resemble.

In Kankakee, on March 4, when I gave this quiz to over 100 women who are members of the Tuesday Book Review, the majority of the quiz takers ended up as Nellie.  This made me think that perhaps Kankakee is so intertwined with Nellie’s personality that Kankakee is even more of a character than I thought it was.

Please let me know which character you are?  I’ll post something on the Jane Wheel facebook page and you can answer in the comment section.

As promised, here’s your answer key:

If you answered mostly a, you are well-on your way to becoming an amateur sleuth—and you probably have a few collections displayed in your house!  You’re Jane Wheel!

If you answered mostly b, you are the best friend and sidekick anyone could love!  You also have excellent taste! You’re the fun-loving Tim Lowry!

If you answered mostly c, Namaste, my friend!  You are the wise and modest Detective Oh.

If you answered mostly d, I think you know who you are.  You don’t like pretension, you don’t suffer fools lightly, and you are more honest than most.  Congratulations, Nellie!



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4 Responses to Which Jane Wheel Character Are You?

  1. Debbie Croell says:

    I’m half Jane Wheel & half Tim Lowry!!!!! What a great mixture.

  2. Sandra Hubbard says:

    I had 5 A’s and totally get Jane! I collect colored glass flower frogs and insulators.

  3. Pat Gould says:

    I, too, scored five A’s, and my largest collection is of one-of-kind artist dolls, but I also have more than is reasonable of tea pots, books, sheet music, and antique Asian “mud” men.

  4. Loretta Krutsinger says:

    -A’s also, Jane for me. Though not a dstective I do like to figure things out, and boy do I have “stuff”. Clear glass anything! LOL♥

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