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  1. vickie williams says:

    Jane Wheel, girl detective is a wonderful character who makes me, a 54 year old woman, wish she could be a picker/detective and redefine my life. She is moving herself into new territory, and loving it. Please keep writing and thank you for letting me into her crazy life.

  2. Peggy Bragg says:

    Love her books. Makes me also want to go out and collect more things.

  3. Carol Dale says:

    I have been reading Jane Wheel all this month and her books are addictive to an avid reader like myself. I’ve gone through all of the books I had here at the house so now I am getting the others from my public library. They are really a blast to read, worth very minute. Keep up the good work Sharon

  4. Pat Forquer says:

    Thought I was on the list but I see your website has changed considerably. So looking forward to the Trolley Tour in K3.

  5. Deborah Blevins says:

    Just wanted to drop by and say how very much I have enjoyed the Jane Wheel series. I’m not a picker – though very interested in antiques and “stuff” and I love a good mystery, plus living near Chicago, it’s great to read a book that describes place I have been or that I might drive by at some point. The characters’ development is great and I feel like I get to know friends a bit better with each story. I am late to the party and just read all of the books in a row, and am hoping that there will be more to come. Thanks for such good stories.

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you so much. Welcome to Jane Wheel’s world! Although Jane is in a fine place at the end of book eight, Lucky Stuff, I suspect she’ll return for another adventure or two. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the EZ Way stories I’ve posted. There will be more of those as well.

  6. I started reading the Jane Wheel series out of order and not on purpose. I would have preferred to read the first book first but my local library did not have all of the books.

    I like Jane Wheel because she reminds me of me; fractious, moody, moved by flattery and ever loyal. I like the last book best because Jane finally appreciates the kind of love that Nellie gives her. It may not be what she wants or needs but it is more than enough.

    I am also interested in Jane’s relationship with Tim, Detective Oh and Charlie. Ironically, her relationship with Charlie proved to be the least – they got a divorce and most – they got Nick, satisfying than the others.

    I smiled in a most satisfactory manner when Jane embraced space and a less cluttered life style. She did not need all that was around her to be happy; she was content with herself.

    • Sharon says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to post that lovely comment. It’s such a joy for me to hear from readers, especially when they “get” Jane Wheel–as you most certainly do!

  7. Donna Gober says:

    I love how Jane rationalized about her addiction for STUFF. I so identify because I like bring home fabrics, trims, buttons, and stuff from the local thrift store. Quoting my grandfather: “If you save it seven years, you will use it.”

  8. Beth JoMo says:

    So . . . is there any more Jane Wheel in the future? I just finished the series and I’m ready for more!!

  9. SheriBeth says:

    When will we get more Jane?? I’m jonsing for it… and out collecting way too much! :)

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